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Bioshock Infinite and Racism - Part I

I wanna play this so bad

I don’t think I ever want to play this game. Especially with the first pic of what looks like a witch hunt and 2 black people about to be burned at the stake…

This left a bad taste in my mouth…I don’t want to play this shit.

Reblogging for BigBlackWolfe to see the racist fuckery in Bioshock Infinite.

Also, I’m seeing a whole lot of people calling individuals like myself who don’t want to buy this game for the blatant racism ‘stupid’


I have EVERY FUCKING RIGHT not to want to buy a goddamn video game because of this shit. EVERY RIGHT.

These same mothafuckers be on that ‘freedom of speech’ bullshit, but when POC use it to say “Nope, not here for this shit. It’s racist,” they want to shout us down.


I’ll spend my 70 dollars on something that is WORTH MY FUCKING TIME.


The racist imagery in this game was completely unnecessary and I bet they did it to be controversial on fucking purpose without any regard to how that would make people feel. Or with regard, but not for any concern more so than their own shits and giggles.

Like this game could have been just as good without the overblown racist imagery of Black people.

I mean I get they’re trying to show the whole “racism is bad look at this it’s bad” thing but come the fuck on, this is unnecessary

It wasn’t “unnecessary.” Racism isn’t something that needs to be explained subtly. The game is purposefully doing the opposite of what mass media today does: it’s not sugarcoating it. Columbia as a city is meant to represent the absolute worst of American history and American society, and that is exactly why it doesn’t hold back punches. A lot of our media likes to white wash history and dance around issues of racism in the very concepts of what it means to be American, but this game actually goes out of its way to show how unethical this ideology is. 

The game actually does a great job of pointing out problems in our social foundations of racism, sexism, corporate capitalist abuse, religious zealotry. I often hear other P.O.C. on Tumblr complain that the media is skewed to avoid making American and white history in general look bad. If anything, people should play this game, because it doesn’t pretend like American society is perfect: it’s a game that takes the concepts that built this nation and pushes them to extreme to show how morally depraved they really are.

Columbia isn’t there for the player to like, and its citizens aren’t there for the player to want to emulate. It’s actually there as an example of exactly what is wrong with white colonialism, racism, xenophobia, white supremacist attitudes, etc.

This game is actually being attacked by white supremacists because they think it’s “anti-white,” since the game doesn’t pander. It’s brutal about its portrayal, but for a reason. A good reason.

Really, what did you all think America was like in 1912?

Columbia is that city that looks absolutely beautiful at first glance, and like a perfect place to live, but you get deeper into the city and you find that if you’re Black or Chinese in Columbia you basically ain’t shit.

And that was exactly what pre-Civil Rights America was like. And frankly, as a black woman, I applaud Irrational for not pussyfooting around the issue at all and it’s also immensely satisfying to blow all them racists up.

Plus you get to murder all the racist fucks, there’s side missions just for killing all the racists you can.  

people are too offended easily or just like to say that they they don’t condone this type of behavior. The argument “it wasn’t necessary” is not a strong one. It is necessary and in fact I think the more extreme it was the more successful it was at getting it’s agenda across/ immersing you in the game. The game deals with a bunch of social issues and mindsets of the era that it was trying to portray. These posters or scenes wouldn’t be considered “extreme” at all to the white audiences of that time. But we aren’t audiences of that time, so the pieces speak much differently to us. It is with that juxtaposition of our knowledge of what is right or wrong compared to the 1912 American mindset that creates a interesting conflict.

Initially when the doors open we see Columbia as a beautiful city in the sky and you dream of what it’d be to live there. Everything is perfect and in the first bits of the game you’re walking around slack jawed at the marvel of everything. It is then with the introduction of the first racial scene that you come into understanding that Columbia isn’t at all what it seems. The further you progress in the game you start seeing that this city isn’t exactly pure, and that provides conflict for you. In addition it might makes you feel that you are right in your actions, that you are purifying the evil entity that resides in the heart of Columbia. Our generation has never lived in the dark ages of America, and this game offers a opportunity to experience what exactly it was like, it’s a critique of America’s history that doesn’t mean anything unless there is viewer participation.
 If you were to remove all the “unnecessary stuff” you would just have a game that looked interesting, a perfect fairyland and nothing more. Columbia would be boring. It would just be you versus the main antagonist, not you versus columbia.

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when people say nice things about you


Why is this so accurate

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